90% discount on Picovoice Starter Tiers cuts startups’ voice AI costs by 200-300x. Startups, incorporated within the last 12 months, raised less than $1M in funding and have a team of no more than five people, can apply for the program. Spread the word if you know someone who can benefit from it.

Becoming the developer-first voice AI platform

The voice technology was exclusive to only a handful of multinationals when Picovoice started its journey. Most enterprises were not able to afford it. The cost was a show-stopper for startups. That’s why Picovoice is founded with the mission of “being the developer-first platform for adding voice to anything.”

Today, Picovoice enables thousands of developers by streamlining the experience,

# of developers building with Picovoice Console
# of Fortune 50s building with Picovoice Console
Time required in order to train voice AI models

Meets enterprises all voice technology needs,

Runs anywhere from embedded devices to web browsers,

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Supports all modern SDKs,

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Brings transparency with open source benchmarks.

However, we understand that voice technology is still not accessible and affordable for many pre-seed startups, especially given the current market conditions. Thus, we decided to extend our support to startups with the Grow Together program.

Introducing Grow Together for even more affordable voice AI

Early-stage startups save 90% on Picovoice’s Starter Tiers with the Grow Together program in the first year. It covers all the Picovoice engines - everything enterprises need to build, launch and scale voice products. No platform or SDK limits.

Transcribe & Search
Voice Assistant

Grow Together program cuts voice AI costs of startups significantly, by not a few percentages, but an order of magnitude. For example, the transcription cost per hour becomes USD 0.01, one cent, with a monthly volume of 10,000 hours. In comparison, the standard transcription cost per hour of Google Speech-to-Text Enhanced is USD 2.16 per hour. Grow Together program makes transcription hundreds of times more affordable for startups, giving them a head start. Plus, Leopard Speech-to-Text is not just extremely cost-effective but also more accurate than Google Speech-to-Text Enhanced.

Open-source benchmark results comparing Google Speech-to-Text Enhanced and Leopard Speech-to-Text

Grow Together program eligibility criteria:

  • Incorporated within the last 12 months,
  • Raised less than $1M in funding,
  • Team of no-more-than five people.

Apply for Grow Together if your company is eligible, or spread the word if you know someone who can benefit from it.


1. Can I run Picovoice on-device voice recognition technology in the cloud or on-prem?

Yes, Picovoice builds voice recognition technology that runs anywhere. Users decide what to develop and where to deploy. Anyone can try Picovoice technology in the public or private cloud, web browser or a commodity device like a Raspberry Pi.

2. Can I first try Picovoice on-device voice recognition technology?

Yes, we encourage you to use it first. Check out Picovoice’s Free Tier. You can create an account for free and have an up-and-running voice feature in less than 15 minutes.

The Free Tier is designed to enable prototypes, tech evals and hobby projects for free. Take your time and work on your prototype. Although we love hearing from developers, you do not need to contact us to start unless you want to!

3. This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

We apply large volume enterprise discounts to early-stage startups when they need them the most. In return, they recommend Picovoice, i.e. do our marketing by spreading the word. Instead of investing in ads, we invest in our users and customers and grow together.