Picovoice Console — AccessKey

AccessKey is your authentication and authorization token for deploying Picovoice SDK. Anyone who is using Picovoice needs to have a valid AccessKey. It also verifies that your usage is within the limits of your account (e.g. the number of active devices). You must keep your AccessKey secret!

Everyone who signs up for Picovoice Console receives the Free Tier usage rights. If you wish to increase your limits, you need to contact Picovoice to acquire a subscription plan.

Create an AccessKey

Navigate to the AccessKey tab from the Picovoice Console landing page:

Navigate to AccessKey Tab

Click on the Create AccessKey button to create yours:

Click on Create AccessKey

Click on the Show AccessKey to retrieve your AccessKey:

Click on Show AccessKey

You can also see your limits and monitor your current usage in real-time.

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