Picovoice Console — Speech-to-Text

Picovoice Console allows you to add custom vocabulary (e.g. medical jargon, name of players in a soccer team, etc.) to your Speech-to-Text model. Additionally, it enables you to boost the probability of certain keywords. The latter is useful if you know certain words will be frequent in your use case (e.g. a sales call).

Navigate to Leopard & Cheetah Console from the Picovoice Console landing page.

Create a New Model

Create a new model by giving it a name and then click on Create Model button.

Create a New Model

Add Custom Vocabulary

Add custom vocabulary by adding them in text form. Optionally you can enter the pronunciation in IPA format.

Custom Vocabulary

Boost Keywords

Boost the probability of frequent words and phrases.

Boost Keywords


You can test your custom speech-to-text model directly in the browser.


Click on the microphone, wait for it to start, and then utter a test sentence. Click on the microphone again to stop and check the result in the text box below.

Test Mic


You can also test your models by uploading a file or set of test files.

Test File


Once ready to deploy, download the model simply by clicking on the download button.

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