Power Efficient

Picovoice's compute-efficient software reduces power consumption and extends battery life of AR/VR headsets when deployed in the field.

Low Latency

Low Latency

Add an accurate and responsive voice interface to your VR/AR application to meet demanding requirements for real-time gaming and voice navigation.



Let users interact with applications naturally by listening to the context that matters, without requiring a wake word.

Hands-free interaction

Every new medium demands a new user interface. In fully immersive mixed reality environments where keyboards or mouse are often impractical, voice UI can greatly complement hand-held controllers, especially for data entry and typing tasks.

Users can seamlessly use voice to open and interact with installed applications, navigate menus, and type. Picovoice offers a real-time and low latency voice interface with its on-device technology to address these use cases.

Increase image contrast by 20%
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In immersive AR/VR gaming environments, voice interfaces can be used to access game settings and controls quickly. With always-listening wake word detection, users can issue hands-free commands.

Workflow assistant

Voice interfaces can augment visual feedback on AR headsets to enhance productivity for frontline workers by creating a context-rich interaction mode. For example, objects can be labeled visually with overlays, and users can use the labels in their voice interactions to retrieve more information, ask questions, or take specific actions.

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