Automotive Voice UI



Picovoice voice assistant technology can enable car owners to personalize their relationship with their cars by giving it a unique name.



Picovoice offline speech-to-intent (NLU) software offers fluid hands-free voice interface for local commands to control seating, climate, interior lighting, infotainment, and more.


Cost effective

By offering a complete solution at a competitive price, Picovoice eliminates the need to source separate WWD, ASR and NLU software from multiple vendors.

On-board Assistants

Voice assistants can be great companions and navigators on the road to help drivers keep their focus on the road and hands on the wheel. Picovoice’s offline voice recognition and NLU technology can deliver a natural voice HMI (Human Machine Interface) to control different car settings such as cabin temperature, lighting, and infotainment in a hands-free and safe manner.

With tightening regulations on OEMs to reduce driver distraction, voice interfaces can unlock touch functionalities that must be disabled on the center stack panel when the vehicle is moving, such as Bluetooth pairing.

Picovoice technology also enables owners to personalize their auto assistant’s wake word to match their car’s identity or OEM branding.

Hey Simon , settemperature to 70
How to check theengine oil level ?

Voice owner's manual

Voice assistants can replace cumbersome car manuals by becoming subject matter experts. Implemented as a standalone mobile app or integrated into the car infotainment system, they can answer any question on car functions, maintenance routines, and help with troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Owners can ask questions like “How do I install a child seat?”, “How do I disable the Lane Assist function?” and “Tell me about adaptive cruise control”.


In-vehicle purchasing is set to be a new frontier of commerce. Soon, drivers will naturally order their favorite take-out food in the car with voice (the same way as they order food in a drive-thru) and pick it up immediately on arrival. Car telematics will send estimated arrival time to the restaurant with order information to minimize the wait time.

Picovoice voice recognition solutions can be tailored to understand the specific domains of speech, such as ordering food and restaurant-specific menu items.

Order a large latte