Conferencing & Messaging


Low Power

Picovoice's power-efficient technology can deliver always-listening capabilities to battery operated handheld radios, and enable hands-free voice interactions for radio operators in the field.



With offline and on-device processing, Picovoice technology can transcibe sensetive meetings and phone conversations with absolute confidentiality, in real-time.



Picovoice technology can offer insights into speaker participation, provide real time feedback on how you are performing as a speaker, and analyze meeting performance.

Two-way Radio

Picovoice technology allows two-way radio and walkie talkie manufacturers to offer accurate hands-free voice-operated exchange (VOX) to field professionals.

By using voice to select talk-groups and start/end communication instead of manual push-to-talk, they can operate safely while communicating with their peers.

Hey radio switch to channel five
Hey Eva! transcribethis meeting


Teleconferencing equipment and service providers can leverage Picovoice technology to offer private on-premise voice assistance and transcription services to their customers.

Mobile Messaging Apps

Bring consistent platform-agnostic hands-free capability to your mobile messaging application and increase engagement by letting your customers to use voice to start/end voice messages, interact with your app in new ways.

Start message I'll pick up the kidsend message