Health Care



Picovoice enables touchless voice interfaces on medical equipment, without relying on connectivity.



Running fully offline means not sending any audio data over the Internet, providing intrinsic privacy and compliance with laws such as HIPAA.



Picovoice technology can be customized to understand medical terminology and jargon.

Medical equipment

Picovoice brings its on-device, reliable, and private voice interface to a wide range of medical equipment. With applications in operations rooms and dental offices, voice interfaces can assist physicians to interact with medical equipment in hands and eyes-free manner to increase productivity and focus.

Contactless interactions can also reduce the risk of patient infections and contaminations in a sterile field.

Caregiver Assignments

By offering a fully private and reliable voice interface, Picovoice delivers a compelling digital experience to the at-home elderly and patients through voice-activated communication and dispatching.

Bedside private voice assistants can be deployed in hospital rooms for nursing requests, infotainment units, and environment controls.