Industry 4.0



By processing speech signals completely offline and on-device, Picovoice solutions deliver maximum reliability without any down-time.



Picovoice delivers accurate speaker-independent speech understanding without the need for per-speaker training even in noisy environments.

hardware independent


Picovoice solutions can be adapted to run on any hardware and understand industry-specific jargons and terminologies.

Voice-guided picking

Picovoice on-device speech recognition and natural language understanding technology handles the requirements of voice-guided picking applications in warehouses and distribution centers.

By being completely hardware-independent, Picovoice solutions can run on existing customer hardware, such as Zebra Android Terminals. Picovoice delivers highly accurate results in noisy environments and works universally across accents—without the need for per-speaker training.

Picovoice software operates in real-time with consistently low latency and guaranteed uptime by running fully on-device, in contrast to cloud-based alternatives. Picovoice is easy to integrate with existing systems and warehouse management software (WMS) and fully customizable to customer needs.

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Workflow improvement

Picovoice enables a truly natural, hands-free voice interface to assist frontline workers and field technicians to accomplish their tasks. It improves efficiency and lowers the occurrence of costly mistakes through smart voice procedures and learning.

For example, workers can look up error codes for troubleshooting, access and capture knowledge in the field, follow step-by-step workflow procedures, and report results—all via voice. It can be used to streamline onboarding, on-the-job training, and performance support.

Industrial IoT

Voice in Industrial IoT spans a wide range of applications in smart buildings and factories. Picovoice on-device and offline solutions ensure such voice applications are robust, reliable, always accessible, and require low maintenance.

In smart buildings, Picovoice enables voice-controlled elevators and intercoms to offer enhanced accessibility and security. Picovoice can also equip manufacturing equipment and industrial machinery with voice interfaces, allowing natural interactions.

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