Smart Home

Simplified Experience

Simplified Experience

Provide a working out-of-the-box voice experience to home appliances⁠—without the friction of app downloads, account registration, or WiFi onboarding.



Save millions of dollars in recurring monthly fees for speech processing on cloud infrastructure by accounting for voice in your bill of materials.

Your Brand

Your Brand

Promote your brand and stay in control of your voice strategy without depending on third party voice assistant solutions.

Smart speakers

Recent research reports that 52% of consumers expressed concerns over voice assistants listening to their private conversations. Picovoice private voice AI obviates these concerns by processing speech fully on edge without any audio data leaving the device.

Since no Internet connectivity is required, Picovoice technology can enable out-of-the-box functionality without WiFi setup. For example, if the device loses connectivity, the user can still issue voice commands to troubleshoot the problem.

Hey GE , settemperature to 80 degrees .
Hey Hue , setcolor to purple .


Picovoice offline voice interfaces can be directly integrated into white goods and appliances to enable independent and reliable operation without relying on connectivity to third-party voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home. Using a Picovoice-powered white-label assistant empowers OEMs to innovate while keeping control of their brand.

Moving Homes

With smart home automation adoption on the rise, manufacturers of recreational vehicles, yachts, and even cruise ships are seeking to enhance the passenger experience with onboard voice assistants.

Given that Internet connectivity is not always available in remote areas—and may be slow, intermittent, and metered when it is—, such voice assistants must operate reliably offline. Picovoice technology can enable OEMs to address this requirement and let owners fully customize their voice assistants.

Set fan speed tomax .