Wearables & Hearables


Low power

Extend your product’s battery life to days or weeks with Picovoice low-power always-listening technology.

Simplified UX

Simplified UX

Offer an integrated on-device voice interface out-of-box without requiring a complex setup process and depending on third-party cloud-based services.

Your Brand

Your Brand

Promote your brand and stay in control of your voice strategy⁠—without depending on cloud providers.

On-device controls

Given the limited real estate for touch UI and physical buttons, next-generation premium hearable and wearable devices greatly benefit from natural interaction with voice UI. Picovoice on-device voice technology can be deeply integrated into such battery-operated devices while consuming ultra-low compute resources and power.

Controlling devices with offline voice interfaces remove dependencies upon third-party assistants and perpetual connectivity to a smartphone. This enhances portability and enables hands-free voice functionality even in remote areas with no Internet access, for example, in a skiing, snowboarding, or backpacking adventure.

Accept call
Start workout

Always-listening commands

Picovoice’s cutting-edge low-power voice recognition technology can respond to always-listening commands adaptively. For example, users can naturally say “accept/reject the call” when they receive an incoming call, or “stop” when interrupted by an alert.

Attention Phrase

We all enjoy listening to music on our headphones but sometimes our family or coworkers may have a hard time getting our attention when necessary.

Picovoice is the first to introduce Attention Phrase patent-pending technology that notifies users when someone calls their name. This can also assist people who have degraded hearing abilities by augmenting their senses with voice AI.

Through its ultra-low power design, Attention Phrase Technology can be integrated directly into battery-operated devices such as headphones, earbuds, smartwatches, wristbands, and smartphones.

Hey Kelly you are late for school