Contactless elevator solution powered by private voice AI

March 31, 2020 (VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA) — Picovoice, an edge voice AI startup, brings its on-device and private voice recognition technology to the smart building market by enabling touch-free voice interfaces on elevators and intercoms.

Voice interfaces in buildings offer a contactless experience for more hygienic interactions and improved accessibility. Voice recognition also helps in situations where your hands are full, perhaps with groceries. With the threat of the novel Coronavirus and increased risk of community spreading, concerns are high about touching shared public surfaces such as intercom and elevator panels. These interfaces can be especially important in hospitals and care facilities where the risk of contamination is higher.

Picovoice has launched an online interactive demo of its private voice technology providing a touch-free interface for an elevator. Users can get the attention of the elevator by saying “Elevator”, then issue naturally-spoken commands like “stop at 18”, or “go to the lobby.” Once loaded, the demo runs fully offline without an Internet connection. The Picovoice technology powering the web demo can be deployed to virtually any type of device, including microcontrollers that are appropriate for use in industrial applications.

“The ability to process voice entirely offline makes Picovoice a great fit for smart building applications, where reliability and low maintenance are of the utmost importance,” said Mehrdad Majzoobi, VP of Business Development at Picovoice. “Dependencies on cloud services introduce reliability and privacy issues and are not a viable option here.”

Picovoice technology is trained with a variety of accents and is hardened against noisy environments. Picovoice currently supports English, with support for additional languages in development.

Picovoice is a Canadian AI startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia. To learn about Picovoice, visit us on the web at