Design, develop, and ship useful voice features.

The end-to-end platform for embedding private voice AI into any software in a few lines of code

End-to-end voice AI platform

🎨 Design

Design with no limits on top of a modular platform. Create use-case-specific voice AI models in seconds.

🧑‍💻 Develop

Develop voice features with a few lines of code using intuitive and cross-platform SDKs.

🚢 Ship

Deliver voice AI everywhere: on-device, mobile, web browsers, on-premise, or cloud.

🔧 Iterate

Measure adoption, learn, and iterate. Continuously re-design and re-train to optimize engagement.

Why choose Picovoice?

Building accurate, responsive, and private voice technology is difficult. We learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.


Picovoice heavily invests in R&D to offer superior voice AI that surpasses even Big Tech in accuracy and efficiency. Picovoice researchers do not follow recent frameworks and techniques but build them.


Picovoice empowers developers to prototype, build, and evangelize with no strings attached. Builders can start free without a limited trial, credit card, or endless sales meetings.


Picovoice enables data-driven decisions through open-source benchmarks. Picovoice returns control to enterprises as voice data does not leave enterprises’ premises.

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What does Picovoice offer?

Everything to design, develop, and ship voice products: a complete set of modular voice AI engines delivered as cross-platform SDKs and a no-code platform to instantly train bespoke voice AI models to boost accuracy and efficiency.


A transcription engine that automatically converts audio and video recordings into text with high accuracy without sacrificing privacy.

Leopard Speech-to-Text

Streaming Speech-to-Text

A real-time transcription engine that automatically converts conversations into text with zero latency.

Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text

Noise Suppression and Cancellation

Noise cancellation software that removes background noise from audio in real time while preserving human speech

Koala Noise Suppression


A search engine that indexes speech directly without converting it into text, enabling keyword and phrase search within audio and video files.

Octopus Speech-to-Index

Wake Word Detection

A wake word detection engine that recognizes unique signals to transition software from passive to active listening.

Porcupine Wake Word


Natural Language Understanding engine fused with speech-to-text, allowing users to interact with applications via voice commands.

Rhino Speech-to-Intent

Voice Activity Detection

Voice activity detection (VAD) software scans audio streams to identify the presence of human speech in real time.

Cobra Voice Activity Detection

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