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Do you get a $750 value from a one-hour meeting?

An hour meeting costs enterprises $750 on average. However, many of them don’t get the value back.

Increase in weekly time spent on meetings since the 1960s
number of monthly meetings attended on average
American enterprises' time dedicated to meetings

Understand and optimize meetings

Transform meetings into searchable knowledgebase with AI-powered automated transcription.


What’s high accuracy if transcription software doesn’t understand the corporate language?

Generic automatic speech recognition models may not understand the industry or company-specific jargon. Adapt Picovoice’s speech models to your domain and use case.



Do you find the average transcription rates, including the automated ones, outrageous?

Picovoice cuts cloud-related costs by processing voice data on the device, offering the most cost-effective solution at the scale.



Hey, Google! Will your speech-to-text software use my meeting transcription data?

By sending voice data to a 3rd party cloud, enterprises lose control over their data, making it vulnerable to breaches, whereas Picovoice technology is private-by-design.



Do you allocate significant computational resources for voice AI models?

Running large speech models is costly, even for Big Tech. Hence, they pass the costs on to the customers. On the other hand, Picovoice offers the most efficient speech models, resulting in resource and cost savings.


Real Real-time

Why allow latency to delay meeting transcriptions and harm participant engagement?

Processing voice data in the 3rd party cloud causes delays due to latency. Picovoice processes voice data on the device without sending it to a 3rd party cloud, resulting in “real” real-time experiences.

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