Voice Activity Detection

powered by deep learning, efficient, and hyper cross-platform

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Cobra outperforms existing solutions with wide margins. Compared to WebRTC VAD, Cobra achieves a much higher true-positive rate at any given false-positive operating point. Picovoice is the only speech technology provider that provides open-source and reproducible benchmarks. [1]

Leopard Speech-to-Text accuracy compared to IBM ASR, Google speech recognition, AWS transcribe, and Azure STT


All voice data is processed on-device. Intrinsically HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


Edge-first architecture eliminates unpredictable network delay.

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cobra = pvcobra.create('${ACCESS_KEY}')
while True:
is_voiced = cobra.process(audio_frame())
Build with Python
Cobra cobra = new Cobra("${ACCESS_KEY}");
while(true) {
float isVoiced = cobra.process(audioFrame());
Build with Android
let cobra = Cobra(accessKey: "${ACCESS_KEY}")
while true {
let isVoiced = cobra.process(audioFrame())
Build with iOS
let worker = await CobraWorkerFactory.create(
(isVoiced) => {});
const processor = await WebVoiceProcessor.init(
{engines: [worker]});
Build with Web