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On-device streaming speech-to-text with cloud-level accuracy without cloud latency

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It felt like we tried every available solution on the market, and only Picovoice provided the stability, processing speed, excellent accuracy out of the box, and flexible training capabilities that we required. They are truly on the cutting edge of voice technology.
Jocelyn Kang

What is Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text?

Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text is software that automatically transcribes voice data in real time without network delay or accuracy compromises.

Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text processes voice data locally, enabling live transcription on-device, mobile, web browsers, on-premise, or cloud.

Build with cross-platform transcription SDKs

o = pvcheetah.create(access_key)
partial_transcript, is_endpoint =

Why Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text?

Real-time transcription APIs send voice data to the vendor’s cloud, making them vulnerable to latency, congestion, outages, and throttling.

Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text processes voice data when and where received, resulting in a guaranteed real-time transcription experience without unpredictable delays.

Less is more!

Record, upload, and process voice data, then download text and show the transcript.

All performance…

Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text brings cloud transcription API accuracy to any platform…

…no hassle

in “real” real time by overcoming inherent cloud limitations with on-device voice recognition.

Accuracy backed by open-source benchmark

Evaluate the accuracy of transcription software transparently

Compare the accuracy of transcription engines transparently. The open-source speech-to-text benchmark shows how Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text performs compared to the most popular transcription engines.
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Improved accuracy with model adaptation

Boost the accuracy of Cheetah Speech-to-Text with customization

Improve the Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text accuracy further by adding application-specific vocabulary and boosting keywords on the no-code Picovoice Console platform.
Speech-to-text APIs transfer voice input to the cloud to transcribe it into text, creating privacy, and reliability issues and additional costs.
Real-time transcription on any platform

Deploy Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text on any platform

Offer seamless real-time transcription experiences across platforms without worrying about future expansions. Cheetah Streaming Speech-to-Text processes voice data within web browsers, on devices, mobile apps, on-prem, and even in the public cloud.
Guaranteed response time

Generate real-time transcripts with no network delays

Let your product reach its full potential without delay. Real-time transcription APIs send voice data to the vendor cloud, making it technically impossible to achieve on-device performance.
Design with privacy in mind

Ensure voice data and transcript privacy and security

Be safe than sorry. Sharing users’ data with real-time transcription API providers risk their privacy and trust. The easiest way to comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, or any other existing or upcoming regulations and earn users’ trust is not to share.
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What is a real-time transcription engine?

Real-time transcription, also known as real-time speech-to-text, streaming transcription, streaming speech-to-text, live transcription, or live speech-to-text, refers to the technology and tools that convert audio streams to text synchronously with audio generation.

How does on-device real-time transcription differ from cloud-based real-time transcription APIs?

Cloud-based real-time transcription APIs record and send voice data to vendor servers where the transcription engine resides to convert voice into text. On-device real-time transcription brings the transcription engine where voice data is, offering guaranteed real-time experience by eliminating unpredictable delays.