Koala Noise Suppression

Remove noise and improve call quality with crisp and clear audio.

Production-ready noise suppression powered by deep learning, enhancing audio quality across platforms

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What is Koala Noise Suppression?

Koala Noise Suppression is noise cancellation software that removes background noise from audio in real time while preserving human speech.

Powered by deep learning, Koala Noise Suppression enables developers to enhance the quality of conversations on any platform.

Cross-platform Noise Suppression with native SDKs in seconds

koala = pvkoala.create(access_key)
while True:
enhanced_audio =

Why Koala Noise Suppression?

The trade-off between quality and latency makes noise suppression challenging, leaving developers with only a few choices, all of which force a compromise.

Koala Noise Suppression is the only high-quality, real-time, cross-platform, and production-ready noise cancellation software available to any developer.

Never compromise on high-quality conversations

Elevated experiences with enhanced voice quality

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Koala Noise Suppression

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Powered by deep learning

Scientifically proven speech quality

Make a decision based on numbers, not subjective claims. Koala Noise Suppression is five times more effective than Mozilla’s well-known RNNoise, as proven by the open-source benchmark.

Scale Confidently

Expand without worrying about platform support. Koala Noise Suppression runs anywhere - including the web, mobile, desktop, single-board computers, on-premise, or the public cloud.

Remove noise in real time

Enable high-quality real-time conversations with the efficient Koala Noise Suppression, achieving zero network, and minimal compute latency. Try the demo and see how Koalafied sound waves differ from the original as you speak.
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What is noise suppression?

Noise suppression, also known as noise reduction, noise cancellation, noise removal, speech enhancement, or speech denoising, combines techniques and tools to reduce or altogether remove unwanted sounds in the background while preserving human voice.