Koala Noise Suppression has become the developer’s choice, especially for real-time audio enhancement. Developers can embed Koala Noise Suppression into their applications in minutes to enable speech enhancement and background noise reduction, resulting in improved engagement with high-fidelity media and premium audio features.

When to use Audio Enhancer?

Any scenario that requires consistent and tonally correct speech can benefit from speech enhancement - whether audio or video, recorded in the past, or streaming in real time. Some popular use cases are below:

Call Centers

Improves service quality by removing background noise, such as phone ringing or agents speaking and typing.

Real-time Agent Coaching

Boosts agent confidence by removing disruptive noise from all sides of the call and enhancing the accuracy of AI-generated responses with higher speech intelligibility.

Virtual Meetings

Fosters employee productivity in virtual meetings by keeping the focus on the speaker and excluding other voices in the background - even though they connect from noisy cafes, open offices, or homes.

Live Streaming

Elevates listener and viewer experience by enhancing the speakers’ voice clarity - whether broadcasting for national television or Twitch.


Enhances speech, making voice recordings sound as recorded in a professional studio without requiring a post-production clean-up. Yet, Koala Noise Suppression is effective in post-production, too!


Allows patients to understand healthcare providers easily by minimizing distractions in the background, even if healthcare providers have to connect from busy places like emergency rooms.

Give it a try!

The Picovoice team developed an open-source benchmark to help developers scientifically compare Koala Noise Suppression with other Audio Enhancers. Yet, the easiest way of comparison is to hear the outputs of different Audio Enhancers for yourself.

While listening to the original recording, click on the Audio Enhancers: RNNoise by Mozilla, and Koala by Picovoice to see the difference:

If you want to try it with your audio files or in real time, check out the live speech enhancement demo below:

Press the button
to start removing noise with Koala

What’s next?

Koala Noise Suppression is available with Picovoice’s Forever-Free Plan. It only takes three Python lines to start enhancing audio files and live streams. Don't forget to check out other Koala Noise Suppression SDKs. If you need help brainstorming, strategizing, designing, and developing your application, check out Picovoice Consulting services and get the help you need for rapid success!

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