With the increasing prevalence of audio and video communications, the need for enhancing audio quality and removing background noise also has increased. Although noise cancellation was initially hardware-oriented, relying on microphones, machine learning researchers have developed algorithms that perform better. Applications like Krisp and NVIDIA RTX Voice are examples of noise-cancellation software.

What’s Krisp?

Krisp is an AI-powered noise-canceling application designed to eliminate background noise in real time. Krisp made waves when it launched on ProductHunt and partnered with Discord, benefiting Discord's extensive user base.

What’s NVIDIA RTX Voice?

NVIDIA RTX Voice is an AI-powered noise-canceling plugin that works with Nvidia's RTX graphics cards. NVIDIA launched NVIDIA RTX Voice to support its hardware sales.

Krisp vs. NVIDIA RTX Voice?

Krisp and NVIDIA RTX Voice are standalone noise-cancellation applications compatible with a wide range of conferencing, streaming, and recording applications. They create virtual microphone and speaker interfaces within users’ systems. Users then configure them when a conferencing, streaming, or recording application permits audio settings adjustments and virtual device selection. Despite being similar applications, they differ from each other:

  • Hardware and Software Requirements: NVIDIA RTX Voice only works on machines with NVIDIA GeForce RTX or Quadro RTX graphics cards and on Windows 10. Krisp is entirely software-based, operating across multiple platforms.
  • Pricing: NVIDIA RTX Voice is a free plug-in that requires NVIDIA RTX graphics cards unavailable for entry-level PCs or embedded devices.
  • CPU Load and Memory Usage: Krisp can run solely on a CPU, but NVIDIA RTX Voice requires a GPU, hence more resources.

The target audience of applications like Krisp and NVIDIA RTX Voice are technology-literate end-users. Product owners can only recommend these types of noise-canceling tools and plug-ins to their users without being able to control the overall experience.

Imagine a telehealth application where a healthcare professional connects from a noisy hospital to talk to an older adult with hearing difficulties. The lack of speech enhancement will limit the user experience, regardless of how great the application is. The product team can recommend users download a 3rd party application like Krisp and NVIDIA RTX Voice. However, users may choose not to use it or be unable to. Yet, the poor quality would hurt the user experience and the brand. Users won’t think it’s poor because they do not use the recommended 3rd party application. Alternatively, communication applications can integrate a noise-cancellation feature into their products without relying on other parties for the success and adoption of their applications. Koala Noise Suppression is compatible with any hardware and software, allowing product teams to ship applications with an embedded noise cancellation feature.

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