Porcupine Wake Word Engine

Custom wake words and always-on voice commands

Arrow (pointing at microphone button)
Press the microphone button to activate the demo
  • Hot Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Fire Brick
  • Papaya Whip
  • Peach Puff
  • Sandy Brown
  • Lime Green
  • Forest Green
  • Deep Sky Blue
  • Magenta
  • White Smoke
  • Lavender Blush
  • Dim Gray


Resilient to noise, reverberation, and works across a variety of accents. Outperforms competing solutions by wide margins.



Built upon proprietary deep learning technology. The natural fit for IoT and resource-constrained applications.

Multi Wake Word

Multi Wake Word

Listen for multiple commands simultaneously, with no additional resource usage.

Type-and-click model training, with Picovoice Console

Add voice with a few lines of code

# Create an instance of Porcupine
handle = pvporcupine.create(keyword_paths=['/PATH/TO/YOUR/WAKE_WORD_MODEL'])
# Process audio
while True:
keyword_index = handle.process(get_next_audio_frame())
if keyword_index >= 0:
# Insert detection callback here

Need more complex voice commands?


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