AI-powered Public Speaking Coach

Real-time feedback for improving public speaking skills

Affordable, judgment-free coaching for sales presentations or job interviews

Be the coach who delivers on their promises

Coaches powered by cloud-based generic speech models fail to provide real-time and accurate feedback, hindering the adoption of AI-powered speech coaches.

Delayed feedback due to latency


Limitations to personalize speech models


Orchestration challenges with the growing user base

Help users speak with confidence and clarity

Offer individualized feedback and a personal speech coach with AI


Real Real-time

Elevate the experience by offering real-time feedback with zero latency!

Processing voice data in the 3rd party cloud causes delays due to latency. Picovoice processes voice data on the device and eliminates latency, allowing developers to build the most responsive speaking coach on the planet.


A great speaking coach requires great transcription and understanding.

No vendor says they have a mediocre solution, but Picovoice backs its claims with reproducible open-source benchmarks.



Business English is different from daily English.

Generic speech-to-text models cannot recognize industry or company-specific jargon. Picovoice allows users to Adapt speech models to the topics and provide users with precise feedback.



Get more than just transcription.

Additional features like word confidence provide users with more specific feedback. Enterprises benefit from additional features offered by Picovoice’s production-ready speech models.



Running transcription engines doesn’t need to be costly.

Picovoice’s efficient speech models cut connectivity-related costs to zero, allowing enterprises to grow without worrying about cloud bills.

⏳ Does latency or bandwidth problems hinder the user experience?

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