Voice Control for Smart Fitness Equipment & Apps

Make smart fitness equipment and apps even smarter with voice commands

Better, faster, stronger voice AI to streamline the exercise experience

Trusted by thousands of enterprises - from startups to Fortune 500s
Loved by 200,000+ developers

Go smart and capture the $30 Billion fitness equipment and app market

Global fitness equipment and app markets have surpassed $ 15 Billion and will grow with a CAGR above 10%.

Gym members also work out at home
(Les Mills)
People monitor and track their exercises
Consumers with $80K+ household income own smart exercise equipment

Treadmills, mirrors, or apps - control them with your voice!

Offer convenience and improved experience resulting in higher engagement and retention



Offer unlimited voice interactions with Picovoice.

Do not pay every time someone enjoys your product. API-based pricing grows out of hand with user engagement while Picovoice remains constant.



Be predictable and reliable.

Picovoice processes voice data on the device without sending it to a 3rd party cloud, meaning users do not wait for 10 seconds to set a 10-second timer.



Achieve high performance with efficient speech models.

Large speech models and continuous internet connectivity adversely affect the performance of battery-operated devices such as phones, wearables, and hearables. Fitness equipment powered by Picovoice’s efficient models offers long-lasting, unified, and elevated experiences.


Less is more!

Picovoice outperforms Big Tech across various accents and in the presence of noise and reverberations.



Build and maintain users’ trust with private-by-design fitness systems with Picovoice.

Sending voice data to a 3rd party cloud makes it vulnerable to breaches. Do not spy on someone’s home or workplace. Picovoice does not track or store user data.

🥇 Does your cloud bill goes up as your users engage more?

Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions - so you just think about being the #1 for your users

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