Purpose-Built Language Models Trained on Your Data

Work with deep learning researchers to train compression-aware small language models specific to your domain

Model used: Phi-2
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Take control of your language model
Custom, Compression-aware, Completely Yours

picoLLM GYM is the compression-aware small language training service that allows enterprises to have complete ownership of their language models.

picoLLM GYM gives enterprises direct access to creators of the world’s only local LLM platform, empowering them to unleash the power of custom LLMs.

How can we help?

picoLLM GYM empowers enterprises to train, deploy, and maintain their language models for any use case. Some industries we have created custom solutions for:

⚕️ Healthcare

Healthcare has its own language and strict user privacy policies. Small and purpose-built healthcare models can outperform generic large language models.

💰 Finance

Time is money, and so is data. Engage with our deep learning researchers to create your own small language model trained on financial data.

⚖️ Legal

Don’t let your language model share information that your employees sign an NDA for. Train a small language model that understands the requirements of the legal industry.

🃏 Yours

Work with pioneer deep learning researchers to train an efficient and accurate language model for your use case - whether it is for an internal tool or public-facing product.

Have a large dataset and domain-specific use case?

Redefine the boundaries of LLMs with purpose-built compression-aware small language models.

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