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Find media clips based on dialogues, spoken words, or phrases instantly

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Do not leave money “in the archive”

Most media companies fail to monetize their buried assets because they cannot access them with text-based search techniques.


Searchable Database

Is there a searchable database of actual movie content based on scripts and dialogues?


Phonetic Indexing

Looking for an automated phonetic indexing and search engine for audio files?

Audio Mining

Interested in indexing, mining, and searching for speech in audio and video files?

Monetize your multimedia content

Find phrases and dialogues within massive media libraries with fast and accurate indexing and search engine.


Find proper names or slang within audio files easily - without knowing the exact spelling.

Picovoice speech indexing does not require exact spelling nor relies on pre-set speech-to-text dictionaries to find keywords, achieving much higher accuracy than any speech-to-text software.



Index once and search in large media libraries as much as you want.

Once indexing is complete, Picovoice Speech-to-Index does not use original media files for searching. It can return results regardless of where the media resides allowing subsequent playbacks with no limits.



Search within your archive without worrying about adding a new media source.

Picovoice speech indexing technology brings results from one media source or multiple libraries simultaneously with a confidence score and the time stamp of each match.



Why allocate significant resources or worry about minimum system requirements?

Legacy technology requires minimum system requirements, not Picovoice. Picovoice’s efficient models let you index even massive audio archives in minutes anywhere - in the cloud, on-prem, on-device, in the browser.


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Start free and upgrade when you need more.

Picovoice’s subscription-based model and Free Plan enable small projects, whether they’re personal or commercial.

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