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Create custom text readers with generative voice AI

On-device voice generator producing high-quality, realistic, spoken audio with zero latency.

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What is Orca Text-to-Speech?

Orca Text-to-Speech is the voice generator that converts written text into spoken audio output without network latency or jeopardizing user privacy.

Orca Text-to-Speech, powered by deep learning, enables developers to engage users with intelligent, lifelike responses.

Generate custom voices with a few lines of code

o = pvorca.create(access_key)
speech = o.generate(text)

Fast Responses, Realistic Conversations

Engage with users in meaningful ways

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Orca Text-to-Speech

What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-Speech (TTS), also known as Speech Synthesis, Voice Generator, or Generative Voice AI, refers to the technology that converts written text into spoken speech, allowing machines to read out the text to users audibly.

What can I build with Orca Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-Speech enables various applications, including:

Which platforms does Orca Text-to-Speech support?

Orca Text-to-Speech runs across platforms:

  • Web Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox
  • Single Board Computers: Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson
  • Mobile Devices: Android and iOS
  • Desktop and Servers: Linux, macOS, and Windows

Can I use Orca Text-to-Speech for free?

Orca Text-to-Speech is free to use with Picovoice’s Free Plan.

Which languages does Orca Text-to-Speech support?

Orca Text-to-Speech supports English with many more languages, including French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish on the roadmap. Reach out to the Picovoice Consulting team with the details of your project.

How can I generate custom voices using Orca Text-to-Speech?

Picovoice Consulting customizes Orca Text-to-Speech for brands that want to represent their “voice” via unique, custom voices.

Does Orca Text-to-Speech allow voice tuning?

Custom Orca Text-to-Speech models allow voice tuning, including adjusting the speed and pitch of the selected voice. Contact Picovoice Consulting with your project requirements and get a custom Text-to-Speech model that fits your needs.

Can I add custom industry jargon and terminology to Orca Text-to-Speech?

Orca Text-to-Speech can be application, company, domain, or industry-specific with custom vocabulary.

Does Orca Text-to-Speech generate voices with different emotions?

Custom Orca Text-to-Speech models generate voices with emotions and styles, including joy, anger, whispering, and shouting. Contact Picovoice Consulting with your project requirements if you don’t want to wait!

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