iosPorcupine - iOS Quick Start

  • Wake Word Detection
  • Local Voice Commands
  • Offline Keyword Spotting
  • Always Listening
  • Voice Activation
  • Mobile
  • iOS


Cloning the Repository

Clone the repository using

git clone

Running The Demo Application

Before building the demo app, run the following from the /demo/ios directory to install the Porcupine Cocoapod:

pod install
  • From Xcode open the PorcupineDemo.xcworkspace.
  • Build the project.
  • Run/Debug on your iOS device.
  • After the application is loaded select the wake phrase from the menu and press the start button.
  • The application turns the screen orange each time the phrase is detected.
  • Press the stop button when done.

Custom Wake Word

You can create custom Porcupine wake word models using Picovoice Console.

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