Rhino SDK Introduction

Rhino is Picovoice's Speech-to-Intent engine. It directly infers intent from spoken commands within a given context of interest, in real-time. For example, given a spoken command:

Can I have a small double-shot espresso?

Rhino infers that the user and emits the following inference result:

"isUnderstood": "true",
"intent": "orderBeverage",
"slots": {
"beverage": "espresso",
"size": "small",
"numberOfShots": "2"

Rhino is:

  • using deep neural networks trained in real-world environments.
  • compact and computationally-efficient. It is perfect for IoT.
  • cross-platform:
    • Arm Cortex-M, STM32, PSoC, Arduino, and i.MX RT
    • Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, and BeagleBone
    • Android and iOS
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge
    • Linux (x86_64), macOS (x86_64, arm64), and Windows (x86_64) browsers are supported. Additionally, enterprise customers have access to the ARM Cortex-M SDK.
  • self-service. Developers can train custom models using Picovoice Console.

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