iosPicovoice Platform — iOS Quick Start

  • End-to-End Voice Platform
  • Offline Voice Recognition
  • Local Speech Recognition
  • Speech-to-Intent
  • Domain-Specific NLU
  • Wake Word Detection
  • iOS
  • Swift

Cloning the Picovoice Repository

If using SSH, clone the Picovoice repository with:

git clone --recurse-submodules [email protected]:Picovoice/picovoice.git

If using HTTPS, then type:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Running the Demo Application

Before building the demo app, run the following from the /demo/ios directory to install the Picovoice Cocoapod:

pod install
  • From Xcode open the generated PicovoiceDemo.xcworkspace.
  • Build the project.
  • Run/Debug on your iOS device.
  • After the application is loaded, press the start button.
  • Press the stop button when done.

The demo application listen to the wake phrase "Porcupine" and have the "SmartLighting" Rhino context loaded. You can say

Porcupine, turn on the kitchen lights.

The full list of supported commands are available here.

Create Custom Wake Words & Contexts

You can create custom Porcupine wake word and Rhino context models using Picovoice Console.

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