Call centres can be very noisy, with phones ringing and agents speaking or typing constantly. The noise causes agents trouble focusing on tasks and makes them look unprofessional to customers, resulting in low productivity, noise complaints, unhappy customers, and eventually higher churn rates. Furthermore, a recent study found a positive correlation between hearing-related symptoms and the tenure of call centre agents.

There are many ways to reduce background noise in a call centre. However, it is equally important to identify goals before implementation and track progress to ensure the selected method works.

  1. Support agents work from home.
  2. Increase the space between call center agents.
  3. Have smaller offices, instead of one big open office.
  4. Invest in high-quality hardware such as headsets and keyboards.
  5. Change the flooring to reduce background noise in a call center.
  6. Install acoustic panels.
  7. Remove noise with software!

Removing noise with noise suppression is the easiest way to reduce background noise in call centres. A noise suppression engine focuses on the speaker’s voice by removing the background voices from the nearby agents and noises like keyboard typing.

Choosing a cross-platform noise suppression engine that can work with any software and hardware allows call centres to offer the same high-quality experience regardless of where agents are and the tools they use. Furthermore, enterprises scale their call centre operations without worrying about future platform and location expansions. However, babble noise is one of the most challenging problems to tackle in order to improve speech quality and intelligibility. Hence, choosing the right noise suppression is important.

Koala Noise Suppression runs on any platform and effectively reduces background voices and noises. Don’t just take our word for it - listen to the difference yourself!

If you like what you see, pick your favourite SDK and embed it into your call centre software or develop brand-new software with a few lines of code. Production-ready Koala Noise Suppression is available to any developer for any application with Picovoice’s Free Plan. You can leverage Picovoice’s full range of on-device products. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to Picovoice Consulting.

koala = pvkoala.create(access_key)
while True:
enhanced_audio =