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Voice AI and LLM platforms created for developers with compliance, reliability, and scalability in mind

The world’s only local LLM platform.
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10 reasons why enterprises choose Picovoice

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge AI.

Always have access to the most advanced products. Picovoice researchers do not follow the advances in AI. They build the latest technology and give our customers a competitive edge.
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Keep your data within your premises.

Build intrinsically compliant products. Picovoice empowers enterprises to process data locally without asking you to send your data to third-party remote servers.
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Go beyond four nines with 100% availability.

Offer guaranteed response time. Picovoice customers don't experience delays caused due to connectivity issues by having full control over the infrastructure.
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Grow confidently.

Scale your AI applications. Picovoice brings the convenience of the cloud to your premises, allowing enterprises to run voice AI and LLM models without inherent cloud limitations, including unbounded costs.
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Fine-tune best-in-class AI models.

Adapt voice AI and large language models to your application. Enterprises can add AI models that are tailored to their applications without having in-house machine learning expertise.
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Deploy anywhere securely.

Choose from various secure and flexible deployment options. Picovoice runs in public or private cloud, on-prem, mobile, web browsers, and embedded.
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Start building before talking to sales.

Focus on solving customer problems rather than vendor relations. Thousands of developers start building leveraging easy-to-follow docs that cover 99% of questions. No sales meeting, even a credit card required to get started.
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Create bespoke AI-powered products.

All you need for voice AI and LLMs. Modular offerings of on-device voice AI and local LLM platforms can be used alone, together, or with other vendors’ AI models.
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AI doesn’t age well, be fast & agile.

Adapt your product to users’ changing needs and stay up-to-date with advances in AI. Picovoice empowers enterprises to experiment, iterate, and adapt quickly.
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Focus on customer problems.

Build solutions that add value. Let Picovoice handle the complexity of AI. Thousands of developers start building for free with Picovoice, leveraging easy-to-follow docs that cover 99% of questions. Enterprises customize their support packages.
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