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Unlock the potential of audio and video libraries

Making audio and video libraries searchable and discoverable enables new use cases and monetization opportunities.



Content Search, Evidence Search, Lecture Search: make audio and video files searchable and discoverable!



Voice Chat Moderation, Call Center Monitoring, Social Listening: automate content moderation and brand analytics!



Movie Recommendation, Video Recommendation, Lecture Recommendation: personalize content based on search history!

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Octopus Speech-to-Index powers the Audio Search Engine web demo. The web demo processes and indexes voice data locally within your web browser, without sending it to remote servers.

Fast, accurate, and scalable audio search engine

Make massive media libraries searchable with fast and accurate search engines.



Let users search within the entire library rather than limiting them to titles and descriptions.

Picovoice’s speech-indexing engine is to build audio search engines and enable content owners to utilize their libraries fully.


Overcome the limitations of text-based indexing.

Speech-indexing is the best Speech-to-Text alternative (STTA) for building an audio search engine, offering up to 10x higher accuracy.



Offer the fastest experience with on-device speech processing.

Picovoice’s on-device voice AI models eliminate connectivity-related direct and indirect costs, including latency!



Add new audio files and resources with no worry!

Picovoice speech indexing technology can bring results from multiple audio libraries simultaneously with a confidence score and the timestamp of each match.



Run speech models with minimal resources.

Picovoice’s lightweight engines are extremely resource-efficient, running across platforms, including web browsers.



Index once and search in large media libraries as much as you want.

Octopus Speech-to-Index does not need original media files for each query. You pay only for indexing, not for search queries!

🔎 Whether you have a massive library of call center recordings, podcasts, movies, tv shows, or lecture videos, make them searchable in seconds!

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