Voice Assistants for Smart Appliances

Elevate user experiences by enabling voice control for appliances without compromising privacy

Boost customer loyalty by incorporating your brand name and enabling users to personalize appliance settings

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Make Appliances Easier to Use and Personal

Incorporating voice control into appliances enhances convenience, efficiency, and overall quality of life in a modern home.

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Activate the demo, and order your coffee in eight languages!

The voice-controlled coffee maker web demo uses Porcupine Wake Word and Rhino Speech-to-Intent Web SDKs. The demo processes voice data locally within your web browser.

Fast, private, and reliable voice control for smart appliances

Prioritize user experience and your brand without the limitations of Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.



Allow users to personalize appliance settings and enjoy truly innovative experiences: “Barista, make my usual!”

Eagle Speaker Recognition, used with Porcupine Wake Word, identifies individuals, allowing settings personalization such as quantity and temperature.


Let users control appliances by speaking naturally.

Picovoice’s speech models are highly accurate across languages, dialects, and accents. They can understand complex commands such as “Oven, cook a two-and-a-half pound copper river salmon fillet.”



Respond to user commands in multiple languages without any delay.

Picovoice’s on-device speech recognition technology enables real-time interactions with zero latency.



Run speech models with minimal resources.

Picovoice’s lightweight engines are extremely resource-efficient, running across platforms, including MCUs and web browsers.



Enjoy unlimited voice interactions, and avoid any surprises!

Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions per user, meaning you don’t pay extra every time a user interacts with an appliance.

☕ Whether it's a coffee machine brewing perfection, an oven understanding your cravings, or an air fryer preheating when you’re busy with preparation.

Add personalizable, private, reliable, and affordable voice control to smart appliances

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