Build native search-by-voice features for your applications

Provide employees with the right information in seconds on the go or in the field

Help your customers easily find products and services using voice search

Trusted by thousands of enterprises - from startups to Fortune 500s
Loved by 50,000+ developers

Bring the right information to users with the convenience of speech

Navigating complex menus on small screens or without a keyboard is challenging. Replace the hassle of typing and selection errors with the speed and convenience of voice inquiries.

of Americans prefer using voice for searching over typing.
of Americans use voice for searching every day
humans speak 3x faster than they type

Voice search for embedded, mobile, and web

People search by voice on mobile and the web more often than smart speakers. Provide a consistent voice-enabled search experience to all users, no matter how they access your product and services.


Remove push-to-talk, and offer a truly hands-free search experience

Activate voice search with voice, not touch or click. Porcupine Wake Word runs across platforms, including the web and mobile.


Cost-effective at scale

Enjoy the growing user base without worrying about the cloud bill

Eliminate cloud costs with Picovoice’s edge-first architecture. Boost your revenue, not cloud providers’.



Ensure a unified and cohesive voice search experience today and tomorrow

Picovoice offers cross-platform SDKs and a comprehensive product portfolio.


Real Real-time

Offer a fast and effective voice search experience with zero-latency

Process voice inquiries on the platform of your choice rather than on a 3rd party cloud. Picovoice processes voice data anywhere, including the web, mobile, embedded devices, and servers.


Customize speech models with your product and terminology rather than using generic models.

Fine-tune speech models to boost out-of-the-box accuracy. Check out open-source wake word, natural language understanding, and speech-to-text benchmarks, or try it with the Free Plan.

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