Voice Tech to improve productivity by freeing the hands and eyes of workers

June 17, 2022
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Learn more about how Picovoice enables voice picking in warehouses

Workers in agriculture, utility, manufacturing, maintenance & repair, construction or warehouse management and distribution are considered deskless workers. According to a study published in 2021, nearly 2.7 billion people, approximately 80% of the global workforce, are deskless. Voice technology equips them with the tools needed to perform their jobs truly hands-free, improving their productivity and strengthening workplace safety.

Learn more about how Picovoice enables voice picking in warehouses

  • Improved Productivity: Voice prompts minimize the use of tools and distractions by keeping workers’ hands and eyes free to focus on their tasks. Workers do not need to pick up, read, and put down instructions while performing tasks. Moreover, with voice typing reports can be completed 2 to 3 times faster.

  • High-quality service: With the advancements in technology, tools and machinery used to perform tasks become more complex and various. For example, for an auto shop, a service used to mean checking and fixing mechanical components that most technicians could do. However, now there are sensors, electronic control units and additional wiring for safer and more efficient driving. Not every technician could possibly know all. Certain standards and procedures are required for high-quality service. Voice commands and prompts can turn any technician into an expert by guiding them throughout the process even when they have limited experience or training.

  • Workplace Safety: Freeing employers’ hands and eyes, as well as guiding them through voice prompts minimizes the risk of unsafe actions. Moreover, gives them flexibility in environments that require special clothing or care. For example, an employee wearing a glove or a suit may not have easy access to mobile devices or a pen and paper.

Picovoice offerings help enterprises achieve their goals with its reliable and affordable technology that works across accents and dialects, as well as in noisy environments.

  • Unlimited Voice Interactions: A worker completes hundreds, even thousands of tasks every day. Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions per user. Therefore, enterprises can guide them through every step in detail without worrying about the over-usage costs.

  • Reliability with Local Voice Processing: Most workers rely on mobile connectivity as they visit different places throughout the day. Mobile reception is still not good in remote areas and also drains the battery of devices which may cause bigger productivity problems.

  • Simplified development and iteration: Developers can design and train voice models once and deploy them anywhere instantly without worrying about the platform. As the tutorials change and get updated, developers can iterate voice models immediately and instantly on the Picovoice Console.