Voice Inspection and Maintenance

Optimize maintenance and inspection with voice automation

Decrease downtime, eliminate manual entry, and improve productivity

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Every minute spent on repair is a minute of operational disruption and lost productivity.

Enterprises reduce expensive and sudden equipment downtime by standardizing high-quality inspections guided by experts.


Productivity Loss

Unscheduled equipment failures lead to expensive repair or replacement, underutilized equipment, and dissatisfied customers.


Inefficient Use of Resources

Highly skilled and paid technicians spend their time on daunting note-taking rather than preventative maintenance.


Ineffective Training

Training new technicians and adapting to new technologies take time, yet errors due to inconsistent training or different methods occur frequently.

Standardized, Efficient, and Compliant Inspections

Improve your bottom line by minimizing operational disruptions, automating documentation, and ensuring compliance with voice-guided inspections.



Use application-specific speech models that understand your products and processes.

Picovoice’s no-code Console streamlines the experience and allows users to configure speech models for specific needs.



Keep confidential notes and trade secrets within the premises.

Picovoice does not send voice data to a 3rd party cloud for processing. Enterprises always maintain control over their data.



Improve productivity with instant voice interactions.

Processing voice data in the 3rd party cloud causes delays due to latency. Picovoice’s on-device speech recognition technology enables real-time interactions with no latency.


Power high productivity with high accuracy.

Picovoice is highly accurate across accents and resilient to noise and reverberation.



Choose freely using device and platform-agnostic voice inspection.

Work with a traditional Android device or on a web application. Picovoice powers any device to make your processes more efficient and compliant.



Improve your bottom line, not voice AI vendors’ revenue.

Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions, meaning a voice inspection device can be used 7/24 throughout shifts without worrying about the number of calls.

🛠️ Voice-guided inspection and maintenance standardize operational processes, automate documentation, and ensure compliance.

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