Pick-to-Voice: Voice Assistants for Warehouses

Increase the efficiency of pickers in warehouses with pick-to-voice systems powered by the most accurate voice AI models

Satisfy customers with faster and more accurate order delivery, and make employees happy using intuitive and safe interfaces

Trusted by thousands of enterprises - from startups to Fortune 500s
Loved by 50,000+ developers

Work with productive pickers from day 1

Employ easy-to-follow voice prompts and accurate recognizers to guide pickers to locations and instruct them in picking tasks within warehouses.

Press the microphone button to activate the demo.
Activate the demo
Enable microphone access
Go to designated picking locations and confirm orders through simple voice prompts
The warehouse web demo uses Porcupine Wake Word and Rhino Speech-to-Intent. Porcupine Wake Word enables simple always-listening voice commands, such as “Next,” “Capture,” or “Open Sesame.” Rhino Speech-to-Intent understands complex, application-specific complex commands such as Delta-1-2-3. Both Porcupine and Rhino process voice data on the device without requiring constant internet connectivity.

Improve productivity and safety with application-specific, accurate, fast pick-to-voice systems

Picovoice-powered pick-to-voice systems employ the latest voice AI technology, ensuring a competitive advantage over legacy voice-picking systems.


Use application-specific voice commands and detect user intents with high accuracy.

Picovoice technology is resilient to noise and reverberation and performs well across dialects and accents. Unlike legacy pick-to-voice system providers, Picovoice builds and uses the latest voice AI technology that is 6x more accurate than Big Tech.



Run pick-to-voice solutions on any platform without being limited to any hardware or operating system versions.

Picovoice’s lightweight engines are extremely resource-efficient, running across platforms and supporting all modern SDKs, including Android, iOS, and Windows.



Ensure pick-to-voice systems do not slow down pickers and create idle moments due to connectivity issues or latency.

Picovoice’s edge-first architecture processes voice commands locally on the device without sending them to a 3rd party cloud, eliminating connectivity-related issues, including latency.



Allow pickers to start working immediately without training pick-to-voice systems to improve accuracy. It’s an ancient technology.

Picovoice technology is performant out-of-the-box across dialects and accents, enabling pickers to grab a pick-to-voice device and start picking immediately!



Assign pick-to-voice systems to pickers by recognizing their voice, ensuring nobody but assigned people can interact with them.

Eagle Speaker Recognition, used with other Porcupine Wake Word, recognizes individuals and processes follow-up commands only when the assigned user talks, avoiding false activations in crowded areas.

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