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Enterprises do not analyze 98% of customer calls due to security and privacy concerns, reliability issues, and high costs of speech analytics software.



How do you ensure the data privacy and security of your calls?


How much do you lose because of downtime or delays?



Does your cloud bill get inflated with your volume?

Gain a competitive advantage with voice data

Speech analytics uses artificial intelligence to understand, process, and analyze voice interactions. However, most enterprises do not leverage it and operate in the dark.


Security & Compliance

Ensure data privacy and compliance with on-device speech processing.

Put information security and data privacy at the forefront by eliminating the 3rd party vendor risks.


Get accurate transcriptions with customizable speech models.

Train voice AI models with industry, company, or application-specific terms on Picovoice Console.



Respond to customers timely with real-time speech analytics.

Guarantee response time with Picovoice’s edge-first architecture, offering zero-latency.



Build bespoke speech analytics software for your needs.

Leverage Picovoice’s comprehensive product portfolio, including keyword spotting, speech-to-text, and phonetic-based speech-to-index, and build tailored speech analytics software unique to your business needs.



Pay only for speech analytics.

Eliminate the cost of cloud computing with on-device processing. Start building speech analytics software for free and experience the cost-saving benefits for yourself!

🔮 Future-proof your speech analytics software with fully private, customizable, and reliable on-device voice AI models.

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