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Transformative customer and employee experience with speech analytics and conversation intelligence tools powered by the only end-to-end Voice AI platform.

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Analyze conversations and include voice data in the decision-making process by building analytics tools

In recent years, conversations have moved to digital platforms. Online meetings, call centers and instant messaging platforms generate a tremendous amount of data every day. UpKeep predicts that 175 ZB of new data will be generated by 2025, and more than 80% of it will be unstructured such as audio and video. Despite the opportunities this large amount of voice data can offer, most enterprises cannot use it due to the affordability, accuracy and latency limitations of current automatic speech recognition (ASR) solutions. Inherent cloud costs can be a show-stopper even for large enterprises considering the millions of hours of audio data. However, enterprises are no longer limited to cloud APIs to build speech analytics and conversation intelligence solutions!

Improve your revenue, not others’

Enterprises no longer need to bear cloud-related costs by bringing voice recognition close to data with Picovoice’s unprecedented technology. Transcribe and index your audio and video archive or convert voice data to text in real-time without worrying about hefty bills.

Gather better insights with high accuracy

Accuracy is the first criterion for most enterprises. That is why every voice vendor claims they have the best. However, accuracy depends on many factors and is best measured in the target environment and user data. Picovoice publishes open-source benchmarks to communicate its accuracy and help prospects make data-driven decisions.

Your customers require customization, and so do you

Every business is unique, hence its analytics and intelligence requirements. Picovoice, the end-to-end voice AI platform, has a solution for any voice recognition needs. It could be a real-time transcription with zero latency, custom speech-to-text models with specific terminology, keyword recognition without recording conversations or a voice search for proper names.

Picovoice Speech-to-Text and Speech-to-Index engines can be used to create customizable voice experiences

Improve customer retention

Customers provide valuable insights regarding their intents, sentiments, questions and problems when they engage with an account manager or a call center agent. Without speech analytics and conversation intelligence tools, enterprises cannot use these insights. Accurate, affordable and customizable automatic speech recognition technology is the key enabler to building these tools. Picovoice’s stack gives developers access to state-of-the-art voice technology without having a PhD in deep learning. Porcupine Wake Word is best at detecting keywords and phrases to help employees navigate conversations and categorize customers based on their intents. Fully customizable Leopard Speech-to-Text is good at building speech analytics tools based on transcribed conversations. Octopus Speech-to-Index finds keywords including proper names from previous interactions. Cobra Voice Activity Detection is used to detect when conversations start to run speech analytics and intelligence tools.

Increase revenue with sales call analysis

In the US, enterprises spend more than $70 billion to train salespeople, although they forget 80% of the information in 90 days. While on-the-job training is more effective, it’s also a lot costlier. That’s why AI-powered real-time coaching becomes more popular every day. Providing individualized real-time coaching based on important metrics such as script adherence, topic duration, and talk ratios results in increased performance and revenue. Unlike cloud APIs, Picovoice engines ensure timely feedback with zero latency at a fraction of their costs. Therefore, enterprises can use 10-20 times more calls at the same cost, more effectively.

Find the best talents with recruitment insights

86% of companies conduct virtual interviews, and only a few use this tremendous amount of data to improve employee and candidate experience, gather competitive insights or save time. Enterprises use voice AI-powered screening as a first step, and interviewers take notes via real-time transcription-enabled tools to improve employee productivity. They offer consistent and elevated candidate experience by tracking metrics such as question adherence, talking-to-listening ratio, and tone of the interviewers. Porcupine Wake Word detects keywords and phrases. Fully customizable Leopard Speech-to-Text converts voice data to text. Enterprises use them to monitor interviews and help employees navigate even with or without recording conversations.

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