Introducing Picovoice’s Free Tier

December 07, 2021
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“Integrating a wake word engine is expensive, involves upfront cost, and takes time. Although affordable for big companies this can be a show-stopper for startups who want to join the voice-enabled revolution.” This is a snippet of Picovoice’s first article when we launched Porcupine (co-incidentally our first product). Fast forward a few years and we are even more committed to the democratization of voice AI. Before wrapping up 2021, we take a significant leap towards this goal.


Anyone with an email address or a GitHub account can use Picovoice to train voice models and deploy them, even commercially, for free. This includes Porcupine wake word, Rhino Speech-to-Intent, and Cobra VAD engines. See below for details.

Free Tier for Everyone

No credit card is required. You don’t need to ever convert to a paying customer if you are working on a small project, personal or commercial. You can use all capabilities of Picovoice Console to train voice models and deploy them using any of our SDKs to your target device.

Commercial Explorations

Unlimited voice interactions for up to 1000 users (devices) for $899 a month all inclusive — no hidden fees. After years of helping enterprises bring their voice products to market, we believe this is the right plan for the beginnings of a commercial effort.

Closing Remarks

If you like to learn more, check the pricing page for details of the above plans. Ready to build? You are just a few clicks away! Docs page is a great start.