Smart Voice Activated Lights & Home Automation

Create voice-first experiences and allow users to control their homes in the most intuitive way

Boost customer loyalty with affordable, reliable, and private voice-activated home automation


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Trusted by thousands of enterprises - from startups to Fortune 500s
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Tap into the $450B home automation market with your voice

Manufacturers establish stronger brand affinity with accurate, private, cost-effective voice-enabled products in the $450B home automation market.


Turn On and Off

Let customers simply use their voice and call your brand to turn on and off lights or thermostats.

“Porcupine, turn off the lights.”

Adjust Color

Allow customers to change the color of the light bulbs.

“Pico Home, Switch the bedroom lights to red.”

Modify Settings

Enable customers to control switches, light bulbs, and thermostats.

“Thermostat, set the temperature to 72°F.”

Branded, Private, and Affordable Voice AI for Next-Generation Home Automation

Get the convenience of hands-free smart lighting without losing control over your brand, budget, and data!



Let users call your brand with custom wake words instead of Alexa or Google.

Instantly train custom voice user interfaces on no-code Picovoice Console and embed them into your bulbs, thermostats, or any other residential IoT solutions in minutes.



Process voice data locally on the device without sending it to a 3rd party cloud.

Picovoice does not send voice data to a 3rd party cloud for processing. Enterprises always maintain control over the data.



Respond to user commands without any delay with on-device speech processing.

Picovoice’s on-device speech recognition technology enables real-time interactions with no network latency.


Create application-specific voice commands and detect user intents with high accuracy.

Rhino Speech-to-Intent infers user intents directly from speech with high accuracy. Turn off the “lights” not “bites.“



Run your software on your platform of choice, not your voice vendors’.

Picovoice’s lightweight engines are extremely resource-efficient and run across platforms, including MCUs.



Improve your bottom line, not voice AI vendors’ revenue.

Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions, meaning you don’t pay extra when your users interact with your product more.

🔆 Picovoice-powered smart voice-controlled home automation solutions are accurate, private, and reliable without needing a third-party smart speaker or cloud.

Time to add voice control without losing control!

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