Picovoice achieves cloud-level accuracy with tiny Speech-to-Text models, addressing privacy, cost, and reliability problems of the $30 Billion transcription market. Efficient AI models that can run anywhere bring the control back to enterprises and are 10x more cost-effective.


Picovoice Speech-to-Text (STT) is private-by-design and 10x to 22x more cost-effective compared to cloud-based automatic speech recognition APIs. Picovoice on-device STT is intrinsically private and eliminates the cloud costs by bringing compute to data, instead of transmitting data to the cloud.

STT cost comparison

Comparison of cost of Picovoice Speech-to-Text against leading cloud-based alternatives.


Picovoice STT guarantees zero latency and reliability and prevents delays by cutting the dependency on connectivity to process voice data.


Picovoice publishes an open-source reproducible benchmark for its STT engines as well to showcase they match the accuracy of major cloud providers.

STT accuracy comparison

Comparison of accuracy of Picovoice Speech-to-Text against leading cloud-based alternatives.

STT engines can be customized on Picovoice Console to boost accuracy even more. For example, while a medical device company can customize the model with medical terms, a media company can do it with celebrity names on Picovoice Console.

Picovoice Console

Enterprises can choose Leopard for non-streaming use cases and Cheetah for real-time transcription. Picovoice's Free Plan provides access to all Picovoice engines, allowing developers to start building and experimenting in minutes. More information is on Picovoice's pricing page.