AI-powered Voice Detector

Let AI detect if the audio has a human speech or not

Enable new use cases by detecting voice activity with confidence

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Boost productivity and enhance user experiences

Voice detectors, standalone or with other voice AI engines, create new possibilities.


Agent Productivity

Improve productivity by minimizing idle time. Inform agents when customers pick up the outbound calls. Coach them based on the duration of silence.


Voice Activation

Enhance the user experience by activating devices when a user interacts with them. Take drive-thru orders or activate kiosks when somebody speaks.


Audio Preparation

Manage costs and efficiency by transcribing certain portions of audio files. Do not transcribe a one-hour file when only 5-minutes of it is a conversation.

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Powered by Cobra Voice Activity Detection, the Voice Detector web demo detects the presence of voice within your web browser, without sending it to remote servers - enabling fast, responsive, and private experiences.

Real-time, cross-platform, fast, ready-to-use, and accurate voice detector

A voice activity detector that provides everything you need is possible.


Double the accuracy, and enhance the experience.

Picovoice’s voice detector doubles the accuracy of Google’s well-known WebRTC voice detector.



Eliminate the network and minimize the compute latency.

Picovoice’s efficient on-device voice AI models offer the fastest and most responsive experiences.



Run speech models with minimal resources.

Picovoice’s lightweight engines are extremely resource-efficient, running across platforms, including web browsers.



Enjoy unlimited voice interactions, and avoid any surprises!

Picovoice offers unlimited voice interactions per user, meaning you don’t pay for each API call.

🔊 Tired of poorly supported voice detectors built for research purposes or being stuck at a certain accuracy level despite heavily investing internally?

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