COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. While only 5% of work hours were spent at home at the beginning of 2020, it went up to 60% by mid-2020. It’s now down to 40% by October 2021. Most C-suite executives and employees expect hybrid work settings in the future. Only a few executives expect a fully-remote setup in the post COVID-19 era. [1] Workplaces are expected to change as people return to offices. Organizations are planning to upgrade workplaces with team-oriented layouts, more efficient tools and touchless interfaces. [2] [3] Voice is one of the technologies that they explore to improve productivity and eliminate high touchpoints. Privacy and reliability are the biggest concerns for voice-enabled solutions in workplaces. [4]

After smart speakers’ notorious “eavesdrop'' on users, they have rightfully become increasingly cautious. [5] Enterprises hesitate to add voice-enabled products in workplaces where confidential information and trade secrets are discussed. Picovoice’s on-device voice recognition technology helps enterprises improve productivity and eliminate high touchpoints without worrying about privacy or reliability. Processing voice data on-device means voice data doesn’t leave the device, so no confidential information is transferred, hence intrinsic privacy.

Reliability is another concern for both manufacturers and organizations. While manufacturers do not want to risk their brand unless products are reliable, organizations do not want to hinder employee productivity with poor experiences. Voice products should respond fast, work in noisy and reverberant environments, and across different accents and dialects. Picovoice’s unique approach to voice recognition and ability to process the voice data offline enables best-in-class products that simply work. To back these claims, Picovoice published open-source benchmarks, so anyone can reproduce them, compare competitive solutions to make data-driven decisions.

Try a Demo!

If you’re curious to see how it works, we’ve built a voice-enabled telephone dialer. Once you enable your microphone, turn off your internet connection to see that it still works!

Even better? Create an account on the Picovoice Console to build your own demo such as voice-activated elevator in less than five minutes. Deploy it to the platform of your choice or just test it on the web with your users - Picovoice’s Free Plan enables prototyping and testing even commercially!