Private and Reliable Voice Command and Control

Empower users to control applications with their voice

Elevate user experience and improve employee productivity

Trusted by thousands of enterprises - from startups to Fortune 500s
Loved by 200,000+ developers

Control your product and data for seamless experiences

Users do not know voice AI technology providers. They link bad experiences and productivity losses with brands directly. Choose the right vendor to turn speech into software commands and delightful experiences.

of mobile users engage with voice AI-powered assistants
of survey participants see accuracy as a barrier to voice adoption
of users are concerned about trust, privacy, and passive listening

Create private and reliable voice experiences.

Offer convenience, easy access, and navigation by adding voice command & control to the web, mobile, desktop, or embedded applications.



Ensure the privacy and security of your data

Stop risking your product and user data by sending them to the voice AI vendor cloud. Picovoice only offers private-by-design voice AI models.



Use custom speech models specific to your application

Train custom wake words, voice commands, and speech-to-text models instantly on Picovoice Console.


Leverage accent-independent state-of-the-art speech models

Check out open-source wake word and natural language understanding benchmarks. Picovoice outperforms alternatives by wide margins.


Real Real-time

Reduce the churn rate by replacing voice features that take too long to respond

Process voice data where it is generated rather than on a 3rd party premises. Picovoice is the first and only voice AI platform pioneering on-device processing with zero latency.



Encourage customer engagement

Optimize the customer journey, not the cloud costs. Voice User Interfaces built with Picovoice Wake Word and Speech-to-Intent engines offer unlimited voice interactions.

🚀 Add private and reliable voice features to your mobile app, website, embedded product, or customer service.

Bring state-of-the-art custom voice commands to your product.

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